The Different Types Of Fitness Trackers

fi7.PNGIf you like exercising and staying fit and is very serious about tracking your progress, you probably have used at least one fitness tracker. They either come in big or small sizes depending on your preference. Trackers also have different functions depending on your needs. We will be discussing about the different types of trackers used by fitness people.

Smart Watches – Smart watches are the most popular fitness trackers used all around the world. Not only are they small, they can also be used while you are doing your fitness activities. Smart watches also function depending on the application that is synced to it such as an app that monitors intervals of exercises, diet, weight, steps done, and more. There are also smart watches which are programmed to do so and do not require an app to control it. Smart watches also come with a USB charger. click for more.

Digital Bracelets – Much like smart watches, digital bracelets are also worn on the wrist. The only difference is that they do not have screens. Digital bracelets are slimmer than smart watches. They usually only display numbers and symbols unlike smart watches which can display images and play sounds. Digital bracelets also have features like LED lights that indicate the user that he or she is near the progress goal and vibrate which indicates that the user has reached his or her goal. read more at

Bluetooth or WiFi Enabled Wrist Bands – If you are the kind of fitness person who likes to keep record of all your fitness activity, this is the type of tracker for you. When you use this type of fitness tracker, you will be able to send the data to your computer for safe keeping. Wrist Bands also have LED and vibrate features.

Clip Trackers – If you are not comfortable wearing two watches on your arm, you can use trackers with clips. These are clipped on the clothing such as the shirt and the pockets of your pants or jeans. They are very ideal if you want to wear light weighted trackers.

Much like any other electronic device, these digital fitness trackers can be bought online. And because of the rising popularity of these products, you do not have to worry about running bout running out because the internet market is full of these devices. Read more at

But be mindful of the fitness trackers you buy as not all offer the same quality. Choose the best type and quality for your needs.